About AM-pharma

AM-Pharma’s purpose is to save and improve the lives of patients confronted with severe medical conditions. Our focus is on cardiac surgery-associated renal damage (CSA-RD), which occurrs in 40% of all cardiac surgeries. Our proprietary compound, ilofotase alfa,  has a demonstrated safety profile and showed reno-protective effects in global clinical trials involving over 1,000 subjects. In addition, based on preclinical data showing improved overall survival and restored phenotypes associated with hypophosphatasia (HPP), as well as a biomarker dose response in adult patients with HPP treated with ilofotase alfa, we are developing ilofotase alfa as a potential enzyme replacement therapy in HPP. We are a dedicated team driven to bring treatment options to severely ill patients, their families and health care professionals.


AM-Pharma strives to develop medicines for patients confronted with severe medical conditions. Our proprietary asset, ilofotase alfa, is being developed for the treatment of patients with acute and chronic kidney injury. The compound has been granted FDA fast-track status. For the treatment of hypophosphatasia, an orphan disease, we also received orphan drug designation by the US FDA and EMA.

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Advancing ilofotase alfa into a Phase 2 study for lead indication…